Catch Up and Story Time

Hello Year 6

I hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves.

The children in school from 6DT are continuing to make garlands, masks and crowns just like 6LH. These will be proudly worn at our pizza party tommorow.

We have two story tellers today. The legendary Mrs Hetherington and Mr Wolff.


Singing Tuesday

As its our last singing Tuesday for the summer we have some amazing song choices today. Firstly Mr Chapman and Grace are singing a Beatles classic:

Love the shades

Our Sing Up song is another fun sing-a-long:

Have fun everyone!

Assembly and Community Challenge

Hello everyone

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend.

Our assembly this week is from Miss Howells.

Miss Frobisher has produced an amazing community challenge for us to enjoy.

Linked to our Carnival Week, and to celebrate ‘Cragside: Together and Apart’, we are going to revive The Chiming Tree in Paddy Freeman’s by the pond.

The Friends of Paddy Freeman’s has agreed that we can decorate the tree.

Check out the document below as to how you get involved. If we work together, the tree can become magical again.

Lets have a great one.

Mr Turner

Carnival week

Hello Year 6

Next week is carnival week! It’s the final week of the summer term and so we will be celebrating your time at Cragside.

There will be no literacy challenges this week, instead we would like you to explore Samba music and dance through some excitingly musical activities. Click on the link below to find out more:

Our math sheets are below. Remember to watch the videos on the White Rose Hub home learning website first.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Mr Turner

Wednesday Catch Up


It’s been great to see a lot of you in school this week. We miss those of you who aren’t with us and think about you lots.
We have been cracking on with everyone’s Year Books, completing something maths and English challenges and making island garlands.

Our story teller this week is the fantastic Mrs Westwood….

Have a great one Year 6.

Mr Turner

Home Learning: Islands

Hello Year 6

I’m sure that this video will help explain this weeks home learning. Forgive the noise in the background – that is my two little monster’s idea of keeping quiet. You guys are much better behaved.

Still sound like Cheryl Cole

As so beautifully explained above, this week we will be thinking about islands, boats and sailors! What is your favourite island? As mentioned above my favourite is Iceland. It’s a northern, cold and dark little island which has lots of volcanic activity, natural springs and stunning scenery. My wife and I were lucky enough to see the northern lights when we visited.

Our weekly timetable and suggested activities are below:

Our English this week is the fine art of a balanced argument. This time looking at both the postive and negative aspects of tourism to an island. There’s also a spooky little tale entitled the last voyage of Bob Bobson.

For maths we will be looking at missing angles. As always check out the video on and then complete the attached worksheet.


Hope you have fun. I’m really looking forward to seeing those of you who are in school next week. Those who aren’t will have to suffer a phone call from me at some point too!

Keep going Year 6 – you’re doing amazing.


Mr Turner